Lucaston, NJ Train Wreck, Jul 1911

Two Killed, 17 Hurt, As Flyer Hits Local

Brakeman Opens the Wrong Switch, Sending Slow Train in its Path.

Going 60 Miles An Hour

Passengers in Atlantic City Express from Philadelphia Escape In Wreck Near Camden.

Special to The New York Times.
Philadelphia, Pa., July 3.-A man and a boy were killed and seventeen persons injured, eleven seriously enough to require medical attention, at 10:25 o’clock this morning when the mistake of a brakeman sent a Pennsylvania Railroad express train, No. 185, for Atlantic City crashing into the Waterford local, No. 218, at Lucaston, N.J., 18.8 miles south of Camden, on the West Jersey and Seashore Railroad.

The express train, which had left Broad Street station at 9:40 o’clock, escaped with slight damage to its locomotive. Not one of its passengers was injured. The road was blocked in both directions for five hours. Leon A. Harris, a brakeman, of Salem, N.J., was arrested charged with manslaughter, and Justice Frank G. Garrison, in Camden, committed him to prison.

The eleven more severely injured were place din a train and hurried to Camden, where they were taken to the Cooper Hospital. Two died in the station at Lucaston before they could receive more than first aid attention from physicians. They were:
FOREST B. HENRY, undertaker, Berlin, N.J.
THOMAS OGDEN, aged 17, paper hanger, Lindenwold, N.J.

The Injured.
JOHN L. MORGAN, 46 years, 712 Federal Street, Camden; shock and bruises.
CARL LENZ, 43, Berlin, N.J.; injured on hand and arms; not seriously.
GIRARD VALENTE, 20, Berlin, N.J.; cur on forehead; hand injured.
JOHN LEUTIYBO, 20, Berlin, N.J.; head cut.
SADIE MORGAN, 17, 713 Market Street, Camden; ankle sprained.
Mrs. SADIE MORGAN, same address; ankle sprained.
GEORGE WASH, 1104 Orlance Street, Philadelphia; head cut.
CHARLES MCDONALD, West Berlin, employee of Pennsylvania Railroad; forehead cut.
CHARLES MEYERS, 67 years, 2353 North Eighteenth Street, Philadelphia; scalp cut, several ribs broken, and punctured wound of the leg.
HUGH KARRIGAN, 15 years, 1734 Latona Street, Philadelphia; right leg bruised and both wrists sprained.
GEORGE HOWELL, 60 years, 254 Holiday Street, Jersey City; scalp cut and body bruised.
Mrs. FLORENCE WHITAKER, 34 years, 1704 Mount Vernon Street, Philadelphia; shock and overcome by heat.
H.T. JOHNSON, 36 years, 1,310 Princess Street, Camden; face and left hand cut.
ARTHUR TURNBULL, Woodbury, N.J., claim agent for Pennsylvania Railroad; scalp cut and hand injured.

Four other persons were hurt, but not seriously injured. They received treatment at the scene of the wreck and then went to their homes.