Newark, NJ Firetruck - Trolley Car Wreck, Nov 1894


Three Fatally Hurt in a Collision at New Jersey.

NEWARK, N. J., Nov. 20.--While truck No. 2 was answering a hurry call for a fire at 7:45 o'clock this morning, it collided with a trolley car on Orange avenue. Five firemen were thrown to the ground. Three are believed to be fatally injured and were taken to the City hospital. The other two are seriously injured.

The injured are:

JOHN J. BRESLIN, aged 34, married, fireman, internal injuries.
JOHN B. CHENOWITH, aged 30, single, driver truck No. 2, head cut, back sprained, internally injured.
EDWARD BRITTENGER, aged 32, married, fireman, hurt on the head.
ALVIN BENNETT, aged 30, single, fireman, cut about back and bruised on face.
At 7:45 o'clock an alarm was running in from box 73, at Central avenue. Truck No. 2, stationed on Plane street, rolled out with its full complement of men. Wheeling into Orange street to cross into Summer, where the fire was, the truck had to cross the tracks of the Hill trolley line, on which car No. 117, in charge of Motorman George Ketchap, of 615 Warren street, was booming down the decline. It was impossible to avoid a collision, as the horses of the truck were on a dead run. In an instant the car struck the truck turning it completely over and burying the firemen under the weight of ladders and other heavy stuff. The truck horses were swerved about and fell in the debris, while the car was jammed like a ram in the wreck. Twelve passengers on the car were hurled forward in a mass, many of them being slightly injured. Two women fainted, but were otherwise uninjured.

Fort Wayne News, Fort Wayne, IN 20 Nov 1894