Winslow Junction, NJ Train Derails At Curve, July 1922

HARRY MITTELMAN, forty-seven years, Atlantic City.
MRS. HARRY MITTELMAN, thirty-seven years, Atlantic City.
WILLIAM NATALE, six years, Egg Harbor, N.J.
JOSEPH NATALE, seven years, Egg Harbor, N.J.
ETHEL CARATONE, twenty-eight years, River Forrest, Illinois.
RANDOLPH WALKER, thirty-seven years, Atlantic City.
DANIEL HARTSHONE, twenty-six years, Atlantic City.
JOSEPH FELIN, twenty-three years, Atlantic City.
MRS. KATHERINE MENGLE, twenty-two years, Atlantic City.
FRANKLIN BERRY, 2818 Miller Street, Camden; head cut.
CLARENCE WRIGHT, 808 Market Street, Camden.
ANNA YODER, twenty-eight years old, 6315 Harper Avenue, Chicago; cuts and bruises.
THOMAS DUGAN, 1520 Belfield Avenue, Atlantic City; cuts and bruises.
ORAZIP ZICCORDI, thirty-two years old, 26 North Georgia Avenue, Atlantic City; bruises.
MORRIS EPSTEIN, 319 Pacific Avenue, Atlantic City; bruises.
VAUGHAN BOSSE, Egg Harbor; head injured.
FRANK BUTLER, fifty-three years old, 226 North Broadway, Gloucester; cuts and bruises.
BERTRAM ENGEL, thirty years old, Plaza Hotel, Atlantic City; fractured right arm and left leg bruised.
RALPH M. GIBBONS, twenty-three years old, 121 Westminster Avenue, Atlantic City; cuts and bruises.
MISS ELIZABETH GAFFNEY, twenty-two years old, 104 South Maryland Avenue, Atlantic City; contusions.
DANIEL HARTTIME, twenty-six years old, 10 South Boston Avenue, Atlantic City; hip and arm cut.
JOSEPH JOHNSON, Atlantic City.
JOHN NABE, conductor, 583 Lime Street, Camden.
GEORGE FISHER, baggage master, 1071 Morton Street, Camden.
DANIEL PHELAN, Atlantic City.
JOSEPH WOLF, Atlantic City.

Evening Public Ledger Philadelphia Pennsylvania 1922-07-03