Fort Lee, NJ Trolley Car Wreck, May 1901

Fort Lee, Nj., Trolly Car Got Away

Over One Hundred Persons Bruised and Three Seriously Injured When the Inevitable Crash Came at the Foot of the Hill.
New York, May 12. – An open trolley car, in which were packed about 115 persons, got away from the motorman near Fort Lee, N. J., and dashed down Leona hill. Every person on the car was bruised and three were seriously hurt, but only one of them is likely to die. Frank SUNSTRUCK, the conductor, it is feared, may lose his life on account of internal injuries and J. E. ROBINSON and his wife of this city are two others who were seriously hurt.

The heavily loaded car had started down an incline a quarter of a mile in length when the motorman lost control. The car was going so fast that no one dared jump off.

The road is a winding one. At the foot of the hill it curves sharply. When the front trucks hit the curve they started around it and made it. The rear ones followed part of the way. The wrench upon the car, however, as it swung about was so great that the body was lifted and torn from the trucks and rolled over and hit the ground.

The passengers were caught in and under the car and were piled in a heap.

Butte Weekly Miner, Butte, MT 15 May 1901