Bricktown, NJ Twin Engine Plane Crash, Apr 1973


Bricktown, N.J. (UPI) -- A pilot and six passengers aboard a twin-engine plane were killed Monday when the aircraft apparently exploded near a housing development and scattered its wreckage over several square miles, authorities said.
Police said four bodies were found within half an hour of the pre-dawn crash. A fifth was discovered later in the morning and a sixth in mid-afternoon, police said.
The dead, all from New Jersey, were identified as:
Pilot ANTHONY J. BLASI, JR., 30, of Ocean Township, Monmouth County.
ANN KARPO, 22, of Ocean.
SANDRA CLEMENTS, 21, of Long Branch.
CARMINE J. INTESO, 33, of Long Branch.
MARIE PETILLO, 31, of Eatontown.
SHERIDAN COMERATE, 42, of Long Branch.
In New York, George Van Epps, chief of the Eastern region for the NTSB, said an investigation would start with a reassembling of the plane.
"The airplane appears to have had an in-flight breakup," Van Epps said. "Our program is now to gather all the pieces and reconstruct whatever is necessary for a complete study of the aircraft itself."

Billings Gazette Montana 1973-04-17


I have some of the News

I have some of the News articles from the Airplane crash from the Asbury Park Press and the Observer. I had heard those "rumors" you spoke about reguarding Mrs. Petillo and her husband, but I did not know if they were true. I don't believe it was Easter Sunday, by the way. I believe Easter was the following Sunday, April 22 in 1973.

Sheridan Comerate, who was

Sheridan Comerate, who was also in the plane crash, was in the movie 3:10 to Yuma (1957) Born: April 11, 1928
Died: April 16, 1973 (age 45)

Do you have info on Marie

Do you have info on Marie Petillo 31 years old and if so what? Neighbors of theirs in Eatontown, NJ. Her husband Anthony 41 years old died a month later from a massive heart attack after the reports came back that Marie was having an on going love affair with one of the men on the plane. Do you know which man it was? Story goes that she left her house, husband and four children (the youngest where 9 year old twins by the husband Anthony and the other two 15 and 13 by other men) to go "bowling" it was Easter Sunday night. Newspaper reports say they were all at a bar in Long Branch, the Gangplank, until closing 2:00am. After that they went to another bar in Asbury Park that closed at 3:00am. In a newspaper article on their way to the airport that night a police officer stopped a car at 3:00am driven by Marie Petillo and the others were in the back. The car was not Marie's even though she was the driver. The car belonged to one of the men. She stated to the officer "now their plans were ruined" and was going to take everyone home. Instead they went on with the plans and a short time later the plane crashed. Reports came back that they had been drinking. The neighborhood was shocked to hear the news and when the police came the next moring to tell Anthony what happened. It was horrible. We all felt very bad for Anthony.

The Actual Plane Crash - continued

Due to the fact the plane crashed in our back yard, my family had kept the original articles from that day. Unfortunately there is some difficulty locating where the articles from the Asbury Park Press and the Ocean County Observer have gone. Once I locate them I will attempt to put them out there (on here) for anyone who is interested in seeing them.
By the way....FYI....It was one of Art Stock's planes. The plane was brand new, There was no explosion, even though my neighbors house (on Rancocas Drive) was covered in fuel. The neighborhood was "Cedarcroft" which is off of Princeton Ave. in Brick Township. I believe there were only a few Brick Police Officers at the time. The rest of law enforcement was NJ State troopers.

The actual plane crash

The actual plane crash occured in my back yard on Rancocas Drive. I was only 8 at the time. It was a sad day.
We(Brick Township) relied mainly on the NJ State police back then, and I recall the responding police officer in my kitchen at 4:30am calling the accident in to get more help. Brick Township (in 1973)was not prepared to handle such an incident like this.

1973 New Jersey air crash

In the air crash actor Sheridan Comerate was killed? He died on April 16, 1973. He was on the Millionaire, tv series Ellen Curry.

Thank you for your information. I wondered how he died so young? I never have seen him in any other feature, but he was in a movie called Ice Palace.

I remember people talking

I remember people talking about this. I'm sorry for your loss. They said it was one of Art Stocks planes. It was very late at night. One women was married with a few children. Hope that is some help.

1973 plane crash

I heard this plane go down.

1973 plane crash

I lived in point pleasant in 1973. My mother woke me up to listen to the strange noise this plane was making. It sounded to me like they were doing loops, they got most of the way through the third one I heard when the engine quit and there were three loud pops. We turned our police scanner on and calls were coming in from all over the area about pieces of this plane. I think the plane broke apart from aerodynamic stress.

planecrash of 1973 in brick nj

my sister was in this plane crash sandy, are you looking for info. on marie petillo