Bricktown, NJ Twin Engine Plane Crash, Apr 1973


Bricktown, N.J. (UPI) -- A pilot and six passengers aboard a twin-engine plane were killed Monday when the aircraft apparently exploded near a housing development and scattered its wreckage over several square miles, authorities said.
Police said four bodies were found within half an hour of the pre-dawn crash. A fifth was discovered later in the morning and a sixth in mid-afternoon, police said.
The dead, all from New Jersey, were identified as:
Pilot ANTHONY J. BLASI, JR., 30, of Ocean Township, Monmouth County.
ANN KARPO, 22, of Ocean.
SANDRA CLEMENTS, 21, of Long Branch.
CARMINE J. INTESO, 33, of Long Branch.
MARIE PETILLO, 31, of Eatontown.
SHERIDAN COMERATE, 42, of Long Branch.
In New York, George Van Epps, chief of the Eastern region for the NTSB, said an investigation would start with a reassembling of the plane.
"The airplane appears to have had an in-flight breakup," Van Epps said. "Our program is now to gather all the pieces and reconstruct whatever is necessary for a complete study of the aircraft itself."

Billings Gazette Montana 1973-04-17


Sheridan was married to

Sheridan was married to Marilyn and had a daughter Sheri from a previous marriage and a son with Marilyn.

Cedarcroft plane crash

I'm not the person who previously posted on this subject--but I was also at the crash scene the morning it happened. I worked for a little weekly Bricktown newspaper that only was printing for a couple of years--the Ocean County Tribune. Was a reporter. They sent me out there with one of the photographers.

I had just turned nineteen then; it was the most horrific thing I'd seen up close and still is burned into my memory. It is true that Brick had no police force to speak of then--believe the state troopers were doing most of the work, and think they were out of the then Laurelton barracks. Wherever the closest NJSP outlet to Brick is now--don't know. I'm in another state now.

I DO remember us being told that alcohol was a factor and the pilot ( or one of the passengers who the pilot may have permitted to take the controls) was doing stunts before the plane either exploded from the stress--since it was not a stunt plane--or stalled midair, or a combination thereof. I think it exploded as parts of the plane and persons aboard were strewn for miles.

It was--awful. It is also possible it may be difficult getting post-investigation info on this as the rumor was that one or two of the men on the plane had Mob connections. Whether this is true--I'm unsure. FYI, however, it was legend--urban or otherwise--that a very well-known Boss at the time out of NYC had connections to relatives and friends in Ocean County where this occurred.

Or so the stories go.

Hope this helps you a little.

I remember the colvin family

Went to school with jonathan. Knew brother Billy also. Hung out in your back yard as a kid.

Colvins on Choctaw

Yup, I remember your family. I grew up with your brother Jon. As I recall you also have a brother Billy.

Marie Petilllo

Did she have long straight blond hair, aabout 5 '6 very beautiful.

I can tell you because my uncle Camine came to our house with his new girlfriend months before the crash but I believe this girl was only in her 20's.

Carmine J Inteso


Carmine J Inteso was my uncle. My mom was his sister Marion Errickson(Inteso)...there is a lot of mystery surrounding the details of this crash in regards to him. We are still not sure if my uncle was actually on this plane. It is highly likely that his name was used as a cover up for the witness protection program.

Years after the crash his sister Joan began to receive mysterious phone calls and letters from the surname Jonathan C Gully . The letters were from St. Martin The Virgin Islands.

Apparently the only body part identified was his hand and a college ring he used to wear. My fater identified this and said yes it was indeed his hand. We believe he was in on it and that may take this secret to his grave.

He was dating a beautiful young blonde girl, I'm not sure her name.She was supposedly a pasenger on the plane. He brought her to our house for dinner to introduce her.

You may or may not be the person to reach out to for information on this crash in regards to the above concerns, however anything you may have that may help us confirm his death or wether or not he is still alive would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Caroline Errickson

I remember this. I lived on

I remember this. I lived on Choctaw Lane just a few blocks away. The sound of the engine woke me. It was very early in the morning. I remember walking down to the crash site with my Dad. I remember seeing a couple of bodies covered with sheets. I will never forget that day. I was about 7 years old according to the dates that were given here. I thought that I was older but I guess not.

plane crash 1973

Please email me. . Are you absolutely sure they were doing loops?

The crash was on Palm

The crash was on Palm Sunday.

He was also in Twilight

He was also in Twilight Zone, Season 1 - "Walking Distance" ( Gas Station Attendant). Lastly, he was in the Movie "The Godfather". He is in the Meeting Scene. He is one of the guys standing behind one of the other "Don's" at the meeting of all the "Leaders" meeting with Marlon Brando.