Hastings, NY Boat Accident, Jul 1906


None Drowned, Though, It Is Declared After an Accident on the Hudson.

Reports of an accident in the Hudson River near Hastings drifted into Harlem last night. According to the story a party of some thirty girls belonging to a Harlem Roman Catholic church started out in a fifty-foot naphtha launch yesterday morning from the foot of 116th Street, where the boat was chartered for the day from James Coogan, a boatman. A man of the name of James Garvey, it was said, was also in the boat.

The launch was at Forest Grove on the Jersey shore opposite Hastings yesterday afternoon, it was reported, when most of the girls in the launch climbed to the awning above the boat to have their pictures taken. The awning gave way, and the girls fell into the river. They caught hold of a smaller launch and overturned that. It sank. It is not known whether any one was in that boat or not.

James Coogan, who brought the party back last night at 10:30 o'clock, said that all those who had fallen into the river were got out safe. But the Yonkers police received word from a Harlem undertaker last night to notify him of the finding of the body of a girl that was drowned at Forest Grove yesterday afternoon. This undertaker, Donaghue, is connected with the Church of St. Jean the Baptist in Harlem. The watchman in his shop knew nothing about a drowning.

The New York Times, New York, NY 2 Jul 1906