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Atlantic City, NJ Beach Hotel Fire, Nov 1924

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Atlantic City, N. J., Nov. 18. -- With a toll of two known dead, and four missing, fire which destroyed the Bothwell Hotel and its annex, formerly the Senator, last night and for a time threatened many fine residences was burning itself out today. It was believed that danger of the flames spreading has been averted.
Nothing but the walls of the hotel remained and the casino on the famous steel pier was practically wrecked. The loss is estimated at $1,500,000.
JAMES BENNETT, 80, of New York, died shortly after midnight as the result of injuries received as he was being rescued and an unidentified woman is known to have perished. It is feared that more guests at the hotel may have lost their lives. Police Sergeant J. A. McMENANIN has also been missing since he entered the Senator last night on rescue work.
About a score of persons, most of them firemen, were injured although none but BENNETT suffered serious injury.
The cause of the fire has not been determined.

Frederick News-Post Maryland 1924-11-19

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