Canaan, NH Fire, Jun 1923

Canaan, NH After the Fire, photo from Canaan, New Hampshire in Ruins after the Fire, 1923 Canaan, New Hampshire, Rebuilt a Year afther the Fire, June 1924

The dead men were Sidney B. Gilman, storekeeper, and his father, Horatio A. Gilman, 80 years old. The body of the former was found in a field near his home while the flames were still in progress yesterday.

The Bridgeport Telegram, Bridgeport, CT 4 Jun 1923



CANAAN, N. H., June 4 (By Associated Press)-- "Business as usual." is the motto of two storekeepers whose stores were destroyed in the fire which swept this village Saturday and who are selling goods today from dry goods boxes set up in the midst of the ruined area. Two railroad cars on the siding form the temporary railroad station and the telephone exchange for the present is in the home of the chief operator, Miss Mary Dwyer, which narrowly escaped destruction after being on fire four times.

Several of the business men have announced their intention of rebuilding as soon as possible and, those who lost their dwellings also are making plans for restoration of the village. Contributions of money, food, clothing and bedding have been received from numerous points in this state and Vermont.

The fire resulted in two deaths and the destruction of 42 building with a loss of half a million dollars.

The authorities today accepted as the explanation for the start of the conflagration the story of a four-year-old boy that he had been playing with matches in a barn and accidentally set fire to a pile of hay. This building was in flames shortly after the boy and his companions had run out and a 40-mile wind swept the fire the whole length of the village.

The Fitchburg Sentinel, Fitchburg, MA 4 Jun 1923