Canaan, NH Fire, Jun 1923

Canaan, NH After the Fire, photo from Canaan, New Hampshire in Ruins after the Fire, 1923 Canaan, New Hampshire, Rebuilt a Year afther the Fire, June 1924

Fire Under Control After Destroying Section of Village

Concord, N. H., June 2.--Aid has been sent from here to Canaan, where fire is reported to be sweeping through the village. At the Boston and Maine railroad offices here it was said that the Canaan station was afire and that several other buildings had been either destroyed or damaged, including the telephone office.

The fire is said to have started in the railroad freight house, burning off the telephone wires which passed directly over the building. Help has been sent also from Enfield and Lebanon, N. H., and White River Junction, Vt.

The fire was believed to be under control late this afternoon. The buildings destroyed included a number of stores, the Baptist church, the Catholic church, the Hotel Barnard, an overall factory and several dwellings.

The Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA 3 Jun 1923


(By The Associated Press)

CANAAN, N. H., June 2.-- Two thirds of this town was wiped out today by fire which caused the death of one man, probably fatal injuries to another and rendered 200 persons homeless. Forty-two buildings were burned to the ground and it was believed the loss would be more than $500,000.

Only a few buildings in the entire community remained intact tonight when the flames had been brought under control or had burned themselves out, despite the fact that fire apparatus from all the nearby cities and towns was called to aid.

The dead man was S. B. Gilman, a large property owner, who was found in a field after the flames had subsided. He had been burned to death. It was believed that while hurrying from one burning building to another his clothing took fire and he had perished before he could reach aid.

The flames started in the loft of a small stable in the rear of the residence of Mrs. A. A. Stevens and firemen said tonight that they believe children playing with matches or smoking were responsible for the laying waste of the town.

The Bee, Danville, VA 4 Jun 1923