Berlin, NH Oxygen Cylinder Explosion, Jan 1934


Oxygen Cylinder Explodes at Berlin While Being Loaded

Berlin, Jan. 23.--Frank McKay, local truckman employed by W. H. MacArthur of Berlin, narrowly escaped death Monday when one of more than a dozen oxygen cylinders, each containing 200 cubic feet of the gas, exploded while he was leading them onto a truck, blowing the body of the truck to bits.

The accident occurred at the local Boston and Maine freight depot. The explosion could be heard all over the city. It sent the other tanks soaring through the air over a radius of many yards but no other cylinder was believed to have exploded, although one or two remained unaccounted for (for) several hours later.

McKay said he did not remember what happened. The last thing he knew, he said, he was in the act of loading one of the cylinders on the truck. He "came to" some minutes after the explosion to find himself walking around near the wreckage of the truck. He bore no outward signs of injury but was taken to a hospital for examination and held over night.

Portsmouth Herald, Portsmouth, NH 23 Jan 1934