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Goldfield, NV Storm, Flash Flood & Drownings, Sept 1913

Goldfield Flood, photo from

FIVE drowned in path of storm


Gulches Become Roaring Rivers and All the Houses in Their Paths Were Swept Away, the Loss Being Estimated at $100,000.

Goldfield, Nevada. --- This city was swept by a torrent from a cloudburst on Saturday that caused the loss of at least five lives, carried away several scores of dwellings and did damage to merchandise stocks estimated at $100,000.

So far as could be ascertained in the resultant confusion, the death list was limited to two women, a man and two children. Most of the buildings carried away were the homes of miners lining the two gulches down which the flood waters poured.

Goldfield is located in a basin with the Malapai range to the south and two deep gulches skirting the east and west sections of the town. Within an hour those gulches were rearing rivers and all houses in their paths were swept away.

Among the dead are: MRS. DE CARMO and child; a laundress, name supposed to have been PELT, and two unidentified persons, a man and a child. The latters' bodies were seen going down the gulches, but were not recovered.

Carbon County Utah 1913-09-18

article | by Dr. Radut