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Cambridge, NE Train Wreck, Jan 1888


Cambridge, Neb., Jan. 31. -- Saturday night a terrible wreck occurred on the Burlington & MIssouri River road. The passenger train known as the "Flyer No. 1," was thrown from the track by a misplaced switch and every coach and themail and baggage cars were thrown into the ditch. The Pullman car and the engine alone remained on the track. The engineer ran into a car loaded with hogs on the side track killing every hog in the car. Passengers were thrown in a heap and caught in the debris. Only six persons, however, were seriously injured, their names being:
C. F. BORN, of Granville, Ia.
MRS. H. G. TERRELL, McCook, Neb.
K. GALLAGHER, Granite, Col.
Conductor O'DELL.
Engineer McHENRY.
All the injured were removed to residences near by and physicians summoned. It is believed that none of the injuries will prove fatal.

The Elyria Democrat Ohio 1888-02-02

article | by Dr. Radut