Wayne, NE Bomber Crashes, Oct 1942

Wayne NEB Memorial to victims of crashes.jpg


Wayne, Neb. -- (AP) -- Two airmen from the Sioux City, Ia., air base died in a crash of an army bomber near here Sunday, three others received minor injuries and the remaining four of the nine man crew parachuted to safety.
The dead, whose names were announced today by Lieut. Col. Eugene Cunningham, commanding officer of the Sioux City air base, are:
Second Lieut. HOWARD C. AUSTIN, bombardier, of Lincoln, Neb., and
Second Lieut. JAMES B. SLEIGH, navigator, of Orange, Mass.
The plane crashed in a stubble-field on a farm four miles southeast of Wayne. The ship did not take fire after the crash.
The pilot, whose only injury was a slight cut, said the plane developed motor trouble and a forced landing resulted, but that the retractable landing gear, made useless by the motor trouble, failed to work, causing the plane to nose over when it struck the ground.
An auto wreck car from a Wayne garage was used to extract the bodies of the two men from the wreckage.
Names of the survivors:
First Lieut. MAX J. SANNY, pilot, University Heights, Ohio.
Second Lieut. WILLIAM H. JONES, copilot, Houston, Texas.
Staff Sgt. JOE G. HERZOG, gunner, Stanton, Conn.
Staff Sgt. JAY S. HANSEN, gunner, Pocatello, Idaho.
Staff Sgt. RAY F. BEYELER, radio operator, Fish Haven, Idaho.
Sgt. ALFRED H. WILLIAMS, assistant radio operator, Linwood, N.C.
Sgt. PAUL L. BERRY, tail gunner, Stephensburg, Kent.

Muscatine Journal and News Tribune Iowa 1942-10-05