Omaha, NE Disastrous Tornado, Mar 1913 - Casualty List

Scene on N. 38th St, Omaha Tornado Looking North from Parker Street Omaha Tornado After the Omaha Tornado 1913 After the Omaha Tornado 1913


Omaha, Nebraska -- (AP) -- The most accurate listing of fatalities and injuries from the deadly Omaha tornado.

Omaha, Nebraska:
A. J. PECK, 4117 Farnam.
BENJAMIN BARNES, brother of B. J. Barnes, druggist.
MRS. A. H. BIGELOW, 2527 Cass Street.
HENRY BLEAUVELT, fire and police lineman, 2912 Lake Street.
JANE B. BROOKS, Twenty-fourth and Lake.
MARIE BOOKER, 1414 North Thirtieth Street.
Infant Son of MORRIS CHRISTENSON, Fifty-fifth and Center.
HENRY COPPER, telephone lineman.
C. F. CAPLEY, 320 North Fortieth.
MISS CLIFF DANIELS, Twelfth and Locust.
CLIFF DANIELS, mail carrier, Nineteenth and Locust.
LOUIS R. DAVIS, 4428 Jackson.
MRS. DAVIS, Fortieth and Howard.
GEORGE J. DUNCAN, 4010 Farnam Street, advertising solicitor for the Bee, died at Nicholas Senn hospital.
C. W. DILLON, proprietor pool hall, Twenty-fourth and Grant.
______ FERGUSON, 2305 North Nineteenth.
Two Daughters of CLIFF DANIELS aged eight and twelve years.
JOHN DOYLE, iron worker, boarded with JEPSON family.
D. L. FIELDS, 2808 Franklin, at coroner's.
W. M. FISHER, Forty-sixth and Marcy.
MRS. E. F. FITZGERALD, 2704 North Twentieth.
MRS. F. G. GOODENOUGH, 4703 Mason Street.
HENRIETTA GREIB, Twenty-seventh and Burdette.
J. G. HANSEN, 4609 Mayberry Avenue, trackman employed by street car company.
MR. and MRS. HARDY of Cedar Creek Valley, reported dead.
MISS HEINE and Sisters, Twentieth and Miami.
ANDREW HENDRIXSON, Forty-second and Harney.
MRS. ELLEN HENSMAN, 1201 South Forty-sixth Street.
______ GROVER, colored, 1201 North Twenty-seventh Street.

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