Omaha, NE Disastrous Tornado, Mar 1913

Omaha NEB tornado 03-1913 8 one of the most known post cards but an obvious Fake unless the tornado automatically cleaned the streets in passing.jpg Omaha NEB tornado 03-1913 1.jpg Omaha NEB tornado 03-1913 2.jpg Omaha NEB tornado 03-1913 3.jpg Omaha NEB tornado 03-1913 4.jpg Omaha NEB tornado 03-1913 5.jpg Omaha NEB tornado 03-1913 6.jpg Omaha NEB tornado 03-1913 7.jpg Omaha Tornado 1913 - Idlewild Hall Omaha Tornado 1913 - Bemis Park

The funnel-shaped cloud came from the southwest. Citizens in the vicinity of Forty-fourth and Dewey had watched it for some time before the cyclone struck the ground.

With a roar that resembled that of a freight train, the storm struck the houses near the corner of Forty-fourth and Dewey avenue. The twister swept a clean path east as far as Fortieth on Dewey avenue, and then preceeded north and east over the corner of Fortieth and Farnum.
Many people had taken to their cellars and some few men were in their yards when the storm struck.

Roofs were torn off houses for blocks on either side of the storm, while in the main path of the cyclone the buildings were absolutely demolished, and fire in the ruins of the homes at the corner of Forty-second and Harney completed the devastation, while women and men in turn rushed up to firemen to borrow axes and lanterns to liberate friends and relatives pinned under the wreckage of homes.

MRS. IDA NEWMAN, the mother of nine children, was killed in her home and only six of the children have been found. The home was totally demolished and fire threatened the ruins. The youngest child, a baby, was ill with typhoid and is supposed to have perished with the mother, although when MRS. NEWMAN'S body was recovered that of the baby could not be found. A pitiful little group, with one of the elder sisters, with the group of younger children about her, knelt in a dark corner of the Child Saving Institute and prayed and cried. LILLIAN DAVIS, daughter of MRS. V. DAVIS, 4428 Jackson, who was killed, was nearly frantic with grief and it was with difficulty that she could be given emergency treatment by the physicians.

The west side of Forty-second street was absolutely wrecked from Farnam south to Dewey. The residence of N. A. TALBOT, court reported, at the corner of Forty-second and Farnam, is the only house on the east side of the street up to Harney. The residence of PURDY, E. H. KENDALL, JOE SCOTT, and the HARRIS residence on the east side of Forty-second between Dewey and Harney were wrecked and all of the inmates injured.

The Evening Gazette Cedar Rapids Iowa 1913-03-24