Helena, MT Auto And Bus Collision, Aug 1941



Three persons were injured yesterday afternoon at 3:15 o'clock when a small sedan and a passenger bus collided at the junction of highway No. 91 and the Airport Road.
Those injured were:
ALEXANDER DIETRICK of Great Falls, bus passenger, neck and back injuries.
MRS. ELIZABETH DONOHUE of Anaconda, bus passenger, badly shaken up and under observation.
S. N. LOVERA, driver of the passenger car, head lacerations and possible other injuries.
A third bus passenger, MRS. PATRICK ANGLAND of Great Falls, was injured slightly but was able to proceed to her home.
Dr. William F. Cashmore said the injured persons will be X-rayed today to determine the extent of their injuries, and added that another bus passenger, whose name could not be ascertained, had suffered slight injuries but went on out of town.
Police said the accident occurred when LOVERA, traveling alone in his car and heading toward the city, attempted to turn off the highway into the Airport Road and collided with the bus.
The bus, a Greyhound line vehicle operated by PHIL LELAND who was said uninjured, was able to proceed on its was to Great Falls. LOVERA'S car was demolished.
DIETRICK, believed most seriously hurt of the trio, is a former Helena resident and was returning to his home in Great Falls when the accident occurred.
DIETRICK and LOVERA are being treated at St. Peter's and MRS. DONOHUE is at St. John's Hospital.
Dr. Cashmore said MRS. ANGLAND received treatment for her hurts before continuing on her journey to Great Falls.

Independent Helena Montana 1941-08-08