Butte, MT Trolley And Train Collision, Aug 1905

The workers were forced to jack up the freight car in order to get at the victims underneath the wreckage of the street car. Many of the passengers assisted in taking out women from the less damaged portion of the car, while others got out by themselves.
In the meantime, with terrible slowness, it seemed, the more seriously injured were taken one by one from the debris of the wreck.
A big engine was hitched to the car and it was pulled over the mass of timber and iron, exposing the wreck in all its awfulness, but disclosing the fact that there were no more bodies beneath the car. The grinding of the timbers as the freight car was slowly pulled off the street car was sickening, as the horror of the affair was exposed in all its tragical details.

Helples Ones Crushed Down.
The front of the car was filled with women and many of these managed to jump in time to avoid the crash, but so sudden was the tragedy enacted that many were too late. The reason for the extensive loss of life is that the freight car went directly over the front end of the street car, crushing down upon the helpless ones, and pinning them beneath its weight. The sound of the crash was heard for blocks and people rushed to the scene from all directions. A number of men from the M.O.P. smelter were soon on the spot and assisting in getting out the injured.
Four bodies were found huddled in a sickening manner under the trucks in a horribly mangled mass.
Escapes from death or serious injury were numerous. JESSE FOSTER, who lives at the Braund House, was standing on the right footboard and saw the danger. He attempted to jump, but was thrown off and struck against a pole, bounding back almost under the wheels of the car.

MISS BERTHA KUTH, aged 10 years, is dead, making the ninth victim to die as the result of the collision. MISS GERTIE SHAY, also injured in the disaster, is in a precarious condition and may die.

Pullman Herald Washington 1905-08-26