Camden, MO Train Wreck, Dec 1892


Passenger Train on the Santa Fe Wrecked - Details Impossible to Get.

KANSAS CITY, MO., Dec. 13. - Special Telegram. - The eastbound Santa Fe passenger train which left Kansas City at 8:55 o'clock this morning went through a bridge between Camden and Floyd, forty miles east of here. The baggage car and one coach went through into the creek and several passengers are reported injured. it is said that the baggage man was killed outright, but as the wires are all down on account of to-day's storm it is impossible to get the details of the wreck. To-night the Santa Fe is sending all trains via the Wabash to Lexington Junction. The officials here admit there was a serious wreck, but claim no one was killed outright. Superintendent McClellen has gone to the scene of the wreck, and the wounded will doubtless be brought to this city to-morrow.

The Inter-Ocean, Chicago, IL 14 Dec 1892