West Plains, MO Dance Hall Explosion, Apr 1928

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Elbert White is 40th Victim of Dance Hall Explosion.

(By Associated Press)
WEST PLAINS, Mo., April 20. -- The 40th death as a result of the dance hall explosion here last Friday, occurred early toady when ELBERT WHITE, 19, Doniphan, died of injuries. He was a son of E. C. WHITE, Doniphan newspaper publisher. His brother DAVID was seriously injured but probably will recover.

The Constitution Tribune Chillicothe, Missouti 1928-04-20



Owner of Garage Beneath Dance Hall at West Plains, Mo., Was Strongly Opposed to Dancing.


Prosecuting Attorney H. D. Green, Jr., Today Is Investigation Both Phases of the Fatal Explosion.

(By Associated Press)
WEST PLAINS, Mo., April 16 - Possible motive of suicide or revenge against dances or both, today were being investigated by Prosecuting H. D. GREEN, JR., in connection with a mysterious explosion that destroyed a dance hall here Friday night with a loss of forty lives.

GREEN advanced the theory that J. M. WISER, 47, who rented a garage below the dance hall intentionally caused the blast. WEISER, he said, was involved financially and probably was insolvent. The prosecutor said WEISER, a devout church member, had made remarks against dancing at Alton, Mo., his former home, but had not remonstrated publicity here.

The prosecutor pointed out that so far there is no direct evidence that the explosion was an accident. He is confident it was not caused by gasoline as was at first supposed, as the gasoline tank was intact.

GREEN said he had witnesses ready to testify that WEISER was seen at his garage twenty minutes before the blast and that one man claims he saw a sputtering light there - a light that flickered a few moments and went out just before the building was blown up.

The Constitution Tribune Chillicothe Missouri 1928-06-16


West Plains Explosion

Found this site which has photos that pertain to this disaster. I was born in West Plains Missouri.