West Plains, MO Dance Hall Explosion, Apr 1928

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Blast Heard 3 Miles.
The blast awoke sleeping farmers for a radius of three miles, and the leaping flames guided them to the scene of the disaster.

An explosion of gasoline in the garage is generally blamed for the catastrophe. WEISER was found not far from the wreckage, his hand grimly holding the doorknob of the shattered garage. Nobody seems to know that happened to the motorist.

The common belief prevails that WEISER must have lighted a match into the fumes of escaping gasoline.

Syracuse Herald New York 1928-04-14



Thirty-Six Are Known to Be Dead and 18 Injured in Explosion at West Plains, Mo., Friday Night.


Explosion Which Wrecked Garage Over Which Dance Was in Progress Has Not Been Determined.

(By Associated Press)
WEST PLANES MO., April 14. -- Death stalked into the little Ozark city and turned a dance hall with its merry making throng into shambles.

With 36 known dead rescue workers today were carrying away the debris where laughter changed to shreiks[sic] of terror as an explosion wrecked the building late last night were seeking 18 persons missing and thought to have perished beneath the falling walls.

Sixteen injured are in hospitals here many of them in a serious condition. The cause of the explosion has not been determined.

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West Plains Explosion

Found this site which has photos that pertain to this disaster. I was born in West Plains Missouri.