St. Charles, MO Railroad Bridge Falls, Nov 1879


St. Charles, November 10. -- The names of the persons killed by the falling of a span of the St. L., K. C. & N. railroad bridge that crosses the Missouri river at St. Charles are:
JOSIAH MEAREN and JOHN SUMMERS, stock raisers, of Malvern, Iowa.
MR. HYDE, of Montana Territory, a friend of MEAREN'S, who was coming to St. Louis with him.
GEORGE BARNHART, a brakeman, was killed outright, and CHARLES IRWIN, another brakeman, died yesterday.
J. M. STRAYN, also a cattle raiser of Malvern, was in the cabbose at the same time, but hearing the crash of the breaking bridge, he sprang out of the side door of the car on to the bridge approach and saved himself, with only two or three slight bruises.
The cause of the accident has not yet been ascertained, but Gen. SHALLER SMITH, of the Baltimore Bridge Company, under whose personal supervision the bridge was built, thinks a truck or car got off the track.
Another theory is that the bridge was struck by lightning, a heavy storm having prevailed about an hour previous to the disaster.
The Coroner's inquest began yesterday, and Conductor KINLEY testified: The bridge was inspected a short time ago and pronounced in good order; that he has taken hundreds of much heavier trains across it; that his train was all right, not a wheel bring out of place.
The inquest will be continued today.

Sadalia Daily Democrat Missouri 1879-11-11