Lisbon, MO Steamer CATARACT Explosion, Nov 1857


The St. Louis Democrat of Friday contains the following account:
We have to record a distressing accident to the Lightning Line Packet Cataract, Capt. O'NEIL, which resulted in the loss of five lives, and the scalding of fifteen more persons. The disaster occurred on the 17th instant at Lisbon, a small place below Glascow [sic], in the Missouri river. The only information we have in relation to it is contained in the following telegraphic despatches[sic], received in this city last evening, for which we are under obligations to Capt. L. WELTON and MR. C. W. FORD, of the U.S. Express Co.”

LISBON, Nov. 17.
CAPT. WELTON: Burst mud receiver, this morning, lying at Lisbon, scalding, namely; WILLIAM BRACO, Hartford, Conn., dead; _________ BLACKBURN, Cass county, Mo., dead; BARNEY KELLEY, barkeeper, dead; McDONALD, express messenger, dead; THOS. HUTCHINS, first clerk, slightly scalded, not in danger; MR. SARGEE, second clerk, dead; THOS. HEGAN, St. Louis, scalded; the boat's porter, and barber, scalded; LEE JONES, second engineer, lost; five deck hands and fireman, names not known, scalded; KELSO, WOODBRIDGE, LORING, and MOSEER, slightly scalded.
Will bring the wounded down on the first boat.
JAS. O'NEIL, Captain.

BOONVILLE, Mo., Nov. 20. -- The steamer Oglesby passed here at five o'clock this evening, with the wounded passengers of the Cataract on board, bound to St. Louis. Her officers report that twelve of the persons scalded by the explosion are dead.
Governor WALKER, of Kansas, and Colonel CROSMAN are on the Oglesby.
It is reported that STARK MAUREY, member of the Legislature from Brunswick, was scalded to death on the Cataract.

Philadelphia Press Pennsylvania 1857-11-25