St. Louis, MO House Explosion, Nov 1887

The bodies of the mother and father and the little daughter, KATIE were taken to the morgue, all of them frightfully burned and crushed, the mother especially so. MAMIE and NELLIE were sent to the hospital, the first being so frightfully injured that is was not thought she could live for an hour, and the other being fatally hurt. Two other bodies still remained in the ruins and the search was continued for them.

At four o'clock men were still at work on the ruins. The list of victims then stood:
MICHAEL NEWMAN, dead; at the morgue.
MRS. ANNIE NEWMAN, dead; at the morgue.
KATIE NEWMAN, dead; at the morgue.
MAMIE NEWMAN, injured beyond recovery; frightfully burned and mangled; send to City Hospital.
NELLIE NEWMAN, badly burned and crushed; sent to hospital.
Two NEWMAN children missing; supposed to be under the debris.
C. N. DEVERE and wife missing; supposed to be in the ruins.
The buildings affected by the explosion were occupied as follows:
No. 7 - Fourteenth street. The NEWMAN family, whose fate has already been told.
No. 9 - C. N. DEVERE and wife missing; MISS BRYAN, AGNES BERZELY, slightly wounded.
No. 11 - MRS. WILSON, MR. CHARLES EIFFERT, uninjured.
No. 13 - MR. AND MRS. FREDERICK COLE, uninjured.

The Dreadful Calamity Now Believed to Have Been Caused by Dynamite.

ST. LOUIS, Nov. 2. --- All former theories about the explosion of Fourteenth street yesterday morning have been proven groundless by the discovery of the gasoline and coal-oil tanks in an uninjured condition.
The horrible suspicion now gains ground that the destruction of human life and property was caused by dynamite used for the purpose, but by whom or what inspired the awful deed still remains a deep mystery.

The Rolla New Era Missouri 1887-11-05