St. Louis, MO Tornado, May 1896 - Dead & Injured

Dead and Injured at St. Louis

St. Louis, May 28. -- Below is a list of the dead and injured:

Max Weis, driver for Eberle & Keyes Livery company.
Sophia DeMartina, 402 South Twelfth.
Wallace Bradshaw, colored, killed at Ewing and Scott avenues.
Katie Claypool, killed at Ewing and Scott avenues.
Two unknown men; bodies taken to the morgue.
----- Jones, engineer Etna Iron works.
Frank Fisher, 1944 Papin.
Julius Gall, bookkeeper of Epstein & Bernstein.
Emma Chaney and Isabella Home, 1432 Mississippi avenue.
Charles Tandy.
Unknown man at 210 South Commercial.
William Winkler, on Southern electric car at Eighth and Park avenue.
Joseph Dunn, patient at City hospital.
Francisco Beligo, a Spanish woman at city hospital.
Fred Zimmers, chief engineer Union depot railroad power house, Jefferson and Geyer avenues.
Unknown child, about 5 years old, Ann and California avenues.
Child, daughter of Andrew J. Leineke of 1706 Hamilton avenue.
---- Mack, hackdriver for Eberle & Keys.
Fred Mauchenheimer, 1300 South Seventh.
Thomas Killian, 1300 South Seventh.
Harry Killian, 1300 South Seventh.
William Killian, 1300 South Seventh.
Unknown man, 1300 South Seventh.
Unknown Frenchwoman at 101 South Seventh.
Three people, names unknown, at 1333 South Seventh.

At Liggett & Myers.
Mrs. J. P. Herman, 3634 Castleman avenue, at Liggett & Myers Tobacco works.
Robert Wilson, 23 years old, bricklayer, 4214 College avenue.
John Rofferty, laborer, residence unknown.
Three stone masons, names unknown, working in power house.
Four unknown workmen found in stripping house.

J. P. Herman, fatally injured.
Miss Clara Herman, fatally injured, both of 3634 Castleman avenue.
John Timmons, 1435 North Sixteenth street, ankle and wrist crushed.
Jamas Lahan, 2810 Biddle street, head injured.
Unknown man, skull fractured.
Pat Rooney, 1435 South Thirteenth street, internally injured.
Pat Tracy, 2028 Adams street, head cut.
Dr. Max Starkloff, arm dislocated.
David Clanzey, Fourteenth near O'Fallon, head bruised.
Wm. Gabin, 1823 Papin, hip and leg crushed.
Robert Wilson, colored, bruised at Twelfth and Gratiot by flying bricks.
M. M. Buck, 3012 Adams street, head and body bruised.
Frank Reichert and Eric House, bruises on head and body.
Peter Horn, injured in falling house at 606 South Seventh.
Pat Moran, Ironton, Pa., right leg broken.
John Taylor, injured about the head.
Wm. Flint, 3001 California avenue, leg broken.
Thomas May, 1847 O'Fallon, bruised on head and back.
Fred Mack, superintendent of the morgue, and Adolph Meurer of the sprinkling department, bruised by overturning of the buggy.
S. Sankey of 1827 North Market, cut in head and arms.
John O'Conner, 2109 Adams, badly injured.
Gertie McKenna, 2108 Eugenia, head severely cut.
Bridget Gunn, 2722 Sheridan, fatal injuries.
Albert Raven, colored, 118 North High, cut on head.
John Fox, 1223 Blair avenue, right foot cut.
J. W. Rowden, 4232 Connecticut avenue, scalp wound.
Alfa Elberfield, 913 Locust, scalp wound.
Edward Lackbehler, 4208 Clayton road, injuries in face.
Martin Finan, 4356 St. Ferdinand, head cut.
John Scott, struck on head at Seventh and Chonteau avenue.
---- Gunther, 2324 Whittemore place, leg broken.
Gunther, scalp wound.
Man at 1803 South Ohio avenue, injured internally.
Phil Medart, 1721 Missouri.
Herbert Rowe, 163 South Compton avenue, struck by falling bricks.
Three firemen at Union depot power house, Jefferson and Geyer avenues.
John W. Judlim, 2023 South Jefferson avenue, burned by live wire at Lafayette and Missouri avenues.
Burt Johnson, yard clerk Wiggins Ferry company, arm broken.
Three persons on Waverly place, treated by Dr. W. A. McCandless, 2319 Lafayette avenue.
Mr. Epstein, of Epstein & Bernstein, internal injuries.
Charles Ramast, head cut.
Abe Fredman, 1014 Julian street, cut in head and face.
Charles Ventula, head cut.
Joe Ramag, leg broken.
H. H. Sawyer, internal injuries.
W. H. Shaw, 2834 Market, right arm broken.
John Sawyer, 1728 Chouteau avenue, internal injuries.
Henry Abtor, serious injuries.
George Benel, fatal injuries.
George Poper, 2114 Gratiot, internal injuries.
John Williams, 2107 Singleton, right side hurt.
G. C. Popditz, 2501 South Broadway, fatal injuries.


Eleven persons in eddy at Pittsburg dyke, supposed to be from steamers Libbie Conger and Pittsburg.
Crew and passengers of steamer Bald Eagle, which was blown down the river and has not been heard from--20 persons.

All but three members of the crew of the steamer J. J. Odil, which blew up and sank. Three passengers--12 persons.
Passengers and crews of two South St. Louis ferry boats--20 persons.
Blown off a Loomis Ice company barge five--not known whether saved.

Daily Republican, Decatur, IL 28 May 1896