St. Charles, MO Train Wreck, Apr 1890



St. Louis, April 5. -- As the southbound Omaha fast mail on the Wabash road was rounding a curve a short distance from St. Charles, Mo. depot about 6 o'clock Friday morning, the train was derailed, five cars going into the ditch. Nobody was killed, but several of the passengers were more or less injured and all of them shaken up. All the wounded and injured were placed on board the St. Louis accommodation and brought to this city, the injured being attended by physicians en route.
The train consisted of a mail and express car, a smoker, chair car and two sleepers. The entire train rolled down the steep embankment while going thirty miles an hour. W. F. SCHOOP, of this city, had his right leg broken. In all about ten passengers were injured, but none seriously.
The relief train bearing the wounded reached this city at about 11 o'clock, and the passengers were driven to their homes or hotels, where they were cared for. The accident is attributed to the bad condition of the track. It is said the track was being repaired, and had been left in an unsafe condition.
The names of the injured, as far as could be ascertained are:
J. G. CROCKETT, of Stuart, Iowa, cut in the back.
MRS. P. L. PULLMAN, of Omaha, shoulder bruised.
GEORGE CULP, mail agent, head bruised and left hand burned.
HARVEY SMITH, mail agent, nose broken and scalp cut.
W. E. SCHOOP, mail agent, leg broken.
O. F. GUTHRIE, of St. Louis, cut and bruised.
W. E. STORMS, of Atlantic, Iowa, nervous shock.

Hamilton Daily Democrat Ohio 1890-04-05