St. Genevieve, MO Steamer FRANKLIN NO. 2 Explosion, Aug 1852


This boat collapsed the outside flue of her starboard boiler, August 22d, 1852, on the Mississippi river, five miles above St. Genevieve. Thirty-two persons were killed, or so badly wounded that death in every case was the result. Every person on deck who happened to be aft of the engine at the time of the accident was scalded to death. None of the cabin passengers were injured.

LIST OF THE KILLED. – Edward Levins, Galena; James Jones, Pa., M. Waggoner, Greensville, Ky.; Charles W. Williams, St. Louis; Patrick Murphy, boatman; P. Joy, St. Louis; J. Everett, and Mrs. Schriner and her son Charles, Louisville, Ky.; M. J. Steele, Jackson Co., Iowa; James Mosley, Floyd Co., Ind.; John Brown, Platteville, Mo.; H. Dunn, fireman; M. Hainey; a fireman, name unknown; George Hardy, third engineer, Louisville, Ky.; and several others, whose names could not be ascertained.

Lloyd’s Steamboat Directory and Disasters on the Western Waters, James T. Lloyd & Co., Cincinnati, Ohio, 1856, page 230