Greenville, MS Lake Lee Flood, Mar 1897


Crevasse in the Lake George Levee Now 600 Feet Wide.

GREENVILLE, Miss., March 29. – A crevasse occurred last night at Lake Lee, seven miles south of Greenville, on the Mississippi side, through which an immense volume of water is pouring into the Black and the Steel bayou country. The opening is six hundred feet wide, and as it cannot be stopped, all of that country west of Deer creek and the most fertile and prosperous in the delta will be overflowed from Arcola south to the mouth of the Yazoo. All hope of closing the crevasse has been abandoned. The levee along the Greenville front is still holding, and a superhuman effort is being made to keep it intact. The weather conditions are very unfavorable, the rain now coming down in torrents.

The break at Lake Lee involves five of the penitentiary farms and all of them may be affected to a greater or lesser degree. They are Dulaney farm, three miles from Mayersville, on the bank of the river; Watson place, two miles from Gracey, on the river; Dabney place, owned by Mrs. G. McLaurin, near Rolling Fork, Sandy bayou; Dr. Hall’s place, a mile from Anguilla, Sharkey county. Several of these places are worked on shares and in these cases the owners furnish the equipments. The State, on the places not worked in this manner in that section, has about one hundred mines and other property in proportion. Hon. J. J. Evans, a member of the Penitentiary Board of Control, and Warden Walter McLaurin returned to-day to look after the State’s interest in that locality and to render whatever assistance they can in the way of staying the flood of water now rushing through the crevasse at a fearful rate.

The Indiana State Journal, Indianapolis, IN 31 Mar 1897