Meridian, MS Flood, Mar 1902

Memphis, Tenn., March 30 - Advises from the flooded districts in Mississippi tonight are that the waters are slowly receding and it is believed that the worst is over. The situation has been a critical one and the damage to railroads, farms and other property will foot up an enormous sum. It is reported that many negores lost their lives but the exact number cannot be given at present.

Meridian, in the eastern part of the State, has had no railroad communications for several days.

Railroad traffic continues paralyzed in that section. Not one of the five railroads entering the city have not yet been able to get trains either north or south. Mail, however, is being transferred to the Alabama Great Southern at Narkeeta creek, where the bridge was washed away. Large forces are at work on all the washouts and traffic may be resumed north of Meridian tomorrow. The damage south on the Northeaster, Mobile and Ohio, and Alabama and Vicksburg is more disastrous than at first anticipated and it is doubtful if traffic is resumed inside of eight and possibly ten days. The railroad officials are having difficulty in securing workmen.

The State 31 Mar 1902