Skipwith, MS Levee Break, Flood and Fire, Mar 1890


Trials of the Dwellers Along the Mississippi Levees.

GREENVILLE, Miss., March 27. -- Last night a deafening uproar, too familiar to the oft-afflicted people of the delta, awoke the sleeping family of MR. LACHS, of Skipwith, Miss., to the terrible consciouness[sic] that the levee, behind which was their dwelling, had broken and the waters of the Mississippi were upon them through a crevice 150 feet wide.

Through the inpouring flood they battled their way to a skiff in front of the warehouse of LACHS & Co., near their dwelling. MRS. LACHS barely escaping with her life. When she arrived at their ark of refuge the water had risen to her chin, and it was with the utmost difficulty that her two children could be rescued by her husband. MR. LACHS also narrowly escaped drowning. Two citizens of the unfortunate little town were drowned.

To aid further horror to the scene the warehouse belonging to LACHS & Co., with its entire contents, was totally destroyed by fire, resulting from the water coming in contact with several barrels of unslacked lime. The warehouse also contained an immense amount of freight.

The damage done is inestimable, as no precautions had been taken against the flood. An immense quantity of live stock was drowned. The flood will inundate some of the finest plantations in Issaquena county.

Davenport Morning Tribune Iowa 1890-03-28