Pearlington, MS Four Vehicle Crash, Nov 1967


Pearlington, Miss. (AP) - A collision on a two-lane stretch of busy U.S. 90 Wednesday killed seven persons, three of them members of one family. Three others from the family were injured.
The crash involving four vehicles occurred near the Mississippi-Louisiana border.
The victims were HAROLD W. NIENABER, 43, an estimator of a New Orleans electrical firm; his wife, MARY; and daughter, IRENE, 14; and four occupants of another car, ARCHIE THOMAS, 21, Waveland, Miss.; RICHARD C. BURTON, 23, Pearlington; and RALPH EDWARDS WILLIAMS, 10, and WILBERT C. WILLIAMS, 19, both of Bay St. Louis, Miss.
The Mississippi Highway Patrol said THOMAS, BURTON, and the two WILLIAMS youths were riding in a car believed to have been driven by LEROY CHRISTMAS of Pearlington.
A patrol spokesman said the CHRISTMAS car, traveling at high speed, crossed the center line and collided with the three oncoming vehicles.
MR. and MRS. NIENABER and their four daughters were driving to the Gulf coast for an All Saints Day outing. The girls were out of school because of the holiday in New Orleans. One of their boy friends accompanied them.
TERESA NIENABER, 6, and CAROL NIENABER, 9, suffered skull fractures. Their sister CYNTHIA, 14, had a broken jaw. MICHAEL TREGLE, 16, also of New Orleans, had a broken leg.
The NIENABERS had one other child, a son, Harold, Jr., stationed in the U.S. Navy at Portsmouth, N.H.
CHRISTMAS was hospitalized with a fractured arm and head lacerations.
Drivers of the other two cars were not hurt. They were Charles Weber, Sr., 65, of Metairie, La., and Philip Schuyler, 28, of Oceana, Va.

Tampa Times Florida 1967-11-02