Duluth, MN Drowning Rescue, Jan 1912


Companion Had Fallen Into River Through Air Hole.

Duluth, Jan. 12.---Glen Hand, age nine years, was saved from drowning in the bay yesterday by Norman Connor, aged eight years, after the former had fallen into an air hole.

The two lads live four blocks form where the accident occurred and were walking on the ice with one ski each. Neither noticed the air hole which was right before them, until Glen slid into the water.

His companion did not get as excited as might be expected, but grabbed the clothes of his little companion and pulled him out. The icy water had benumbed the boy, and he slipped back into the hole. Again the Connor boy grabbed him, but this time pulled him safely upon the ice. Both hurried home as fast as possible and Glen was warmed and put to bed.

The boy's family does not expect serious results from the accident.

The Grand Forks Daily Herald, Grand Forks, ND 13 Jan 1912