Duluth, MN drowning, May 1908


Uno Nygard, Eight Years Old, Falls Into Bay and Is Drowned.

Despite the attempts of his brother and companion to rescue him, Uno Nygard, the eight-year-old son of William Nygard, 517 North Fifty-seventh avenue west, lost his life yesterday in the slip at the Alger-Smith sawmill. The body was not recovered yesterday.

The three boys - Uno, his brother John and Mike Winneas - were playing on the logs by the mill when the two brothers fell in. John can swim, but was unsuccessful in his attempts to rescue his brother. Had it not been for the prompt assistance of Alexander Forbes and Fred Woodward, who were working at the mill, he might also have been drowned.

As soon as the news of the tragedy reached the authorities, Sergeant Wilcox and M. J. Filiatrault went to the scene and the afternoon was spent dragging for the body. They were unsuccessful, however, and when darkness came they ceased searching the waters. Arrangements have been made with the mill authorities to keep the logs away from the spot where the lad went down. The authorities hope to find the body today.

The drowned boy was well known and popular among the lads of his age in West Duluth. Many expressions of regret were heard among them yesterday when they learned of their companion's death.

The Duluth News - Tribune, Duluth, MN 24 May 1908

The body of Uno Nygard, the 8-year-old son of William Nygard, 519 North Fifty-seventh avenue west, who was drowned Saturday in the slip at the Alger-Smith mill, was not recovered yesterday, and faint hope is expressed of its recovery for some time.

All yesterday, in the rain and storm, the father and firends, as well as the police worked hard, hoping to find the body. Dynamite was used in large quantities.

It is believed that the storng current has swept the body down the river, and there is some question as to the possibility of finding it.

The Duluth News - Tribune, Duluth, MN 25 May 1908