Spring Valley, MN Train Derailment, May 1909

The Accident at Spring Valley


Spring Valley, Minn. -- The first train to be run from Osage north to Rochester on the new time card of the Chicago Great Western met with an accident on its first trip Monday.
Everything was running smoothly until one and one-half miles south of Spring Valley when suddenly there came a grinding noise, a lurch and a pitch, and over went a refrigerator car which is at the head of this accomodation train. The "freezer" fell over on its side and in so doing dragged the baggage car with it. Part of the momentum was done away with by this time, however, and the baggage car merely turned crosswise on the rails.
Conductor McCOY and the Wells, Fargo express messenger were slightly injured. NATE FRIEND of Austin, was on the train but aside from a shaking up escaped without injury.

Austin Daily Herald Minnesota 1909-05-04