Jackson, MN Airplane Crash Kills Trumpeter Bill Chase & others, Aug 1974

Air Crash Kills Four Musicians

Jackson, Minn. (UPI)-The bodies of four members of the rock-jazz music group Chase and two crewmen have been found in the wreckage of a small plane near this southwestern Minnesota community.

Jackson County authorities said the plane crashed in a soybean field about 2½ miles northeast of here killing those on board.

Members of the 8-man group who already had arrived in Jackson from Chicago identified the four dead musicians as leader BILL CHASE, a jazz trumpeter who had played with Woody Herman, drummer WALT CLARK, guitarist JOHN EMMA and organist WALLACE WOUHN. Crewmen killed were pilot DAN LUDWIG, Chicago, and copilot who was not identified.

Cause of the crash was not yet known.

The twin-engined Comanche was scheduled to arrive here in time for a concert at the Jackson County fair.

Jackson County Sheriff Jerry Benjamin said the plane took off from Chicago and its last known location was east of Waterloo, Iowa.

Search units, including the Minnesota and Iowa State Patrols, reported picking up a distress signal near Armstrong, Iowa, which was on the plane’s route, Benjamin said. Armstrong is near the Minnesota border.

Chase, which gained national attention three years ago with its his single "Get It On," was popular with rock radio stations. The group was known for its strong horn section, featuring several trumpets.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 11 Aug 1974