Cass Lake, MN train accident, Mar 1907


CASS LAKE, March 15. - An unknown Finlander was run over this morning by an engine on the Swan River road, and his body was mangled. The man was seen about the city last night, but his identity is unknown. He was walking along the track about one mile east of here when he was struck and killed. The body is at the undertaker's awaiting the action of the coroner.

The Duluth News Tribune, Duluth, MN 16 Mar 1907

An unknown Finlander committed suicide in cold-blooded and deliberate manner last Friday night that had come to the attention of the authorities of northern Minnesota for some time.

Walking towards Cass Lake along the track of the logging road of the Swan River Logging company until the approaching train was within yards of him, he laid down on the track, raised his head to look at the onrushing engine, and when it was within a few feet of him he cooly laid his head crossways upon the rain to be ground to pieces.

The train, consisting of a locomotive and three cars, was traveling at the rate of 35 miles an hour or more. The unfortunate victim kept the outside track until the train was too close to permit of its being stopped. The body was horribly mutiliated. It was cut, torn and crushed into fragments, and the remains were scattered for 50 feet from the spot the engine hit him.

As soon as the intentions of the man were discovered by the train crew the brakes and the air were applied, and the reverse lever was thrown back to the last notch, but without avail. The remnants were picked up by the train crew, and taken back to Cass Lake, but as far as can be learned, he has not been identified.

The logging train generally runs from Swan River to Santiago, the latter place being about six miles from Cass Lake. Regular trips, however, are made to Cass Lake to get water, and on the night that the tragedy occurred, the train had just been to Cass Lake to fill the engine's boilers. The details of the killing were brought to Duluth by Joseph Gano, a member of the train crew.

The Duluth News Tribune, Duluth, MN 17 Mar 1907