Elbow Lake, MN Velocipede Drives Off Icy Bridge, Jan 1911


ELBOW LAKE, Minn., Jan. 6.---Joseph Anderson, station agent for the Great Northern at Erdahl, and John T. Iverson of the same place, started for Elbow Lake to celebrate a holiday. They made the nine-mile trip on a railway velocipede, which while crossing the bridge over the Pomme de Terre river, just east of Thorsberg station, jumped the track. Both young men and the speeder were hurled to the ice 30 feet below. Nothing was thought of their absence until the first of the week, owing to the service storm that raged several days. Then neighboring towns were communicated with, but no trace of them could be found. A search was instituted, and today a party, headed by Otto Gilbertson, discovered the bodies frozen stiff. Both were single men and leave widowed mothers.

Duluth News-Tribune, Duluth, MN 7 Jan 1911

[Velocipede was a two, three or four wheeled bicycle, the forerunner to the tricycle.]