Thompson Station, MN Train Wreck, Oct 1891


Glenwood, Minn. Oct. 27 --- A rear end collision occurred last night at the Thompson station, 8 miles east of here between the regular west bound freight and an extra following. The regular train was switching at the time the accident occurred. The extra came at full speed completely telescoping the caboose of the [of the sic.] regular, killing four persons and seriously wounding seven others. The dead are: O. E. HELMES, traveling salesman for Seabury and company, St. Paul; FRED RENN, Conrad; PRINCE BRASIL (?) LYLE and JOHN COFFIN, of Monticelli, Minn. Physicians were hurriedly brought and cared for the wounded. HELMES body was torn to pieces and FRED RENN was roasted to death. It is reported that the company has caused the arrest of Conductor Woodson and Engineer Smith, the blame appearing to rest with them.

Daily Enquirer Utah 1891-10-27