Elbow Lake, MI Train Wreck, Aug 1892


Train Near Elbow Lake, Minn. Wrecks, Killing Five.

ELBOW LAKE, Minn., Aug. 29. -- Saturday evening, the west bound passenger train on the Soo line crashed through a bridge eight miles west of here killing five men, and severely injuring twenty others. The engine and express car passed over safely, but the coaches all went down, the rear coach going to the bottom of the river and the others piling on top of it.

Among those killed was MICHAEL CROCKERT, of De Pere, JOHN THOMPSON, of Boardman, Wis., and MATT KELLEY, of Ashland, were both severely injured. Most of the injured were laborers on their way to work in the harvest fields of the Dakotas.

The Daily Northwestern Oshkosh, Wisconsin 1892-08-29