Eveleth, MN Train Leaves Track and Rolls Down Embankment, Dec 1908


Two Coaches of Passenger Train Leave Track Near Eveleth and Roll Down Bank

EVELETH, Dec. 31. -- Spreading of the rails caused two coaches of the Duluth, Missabe & Northern train running north form Eleveth to Sparta and Biwabik to leave the track near the DuPont powder house south of the Fayal mine camp dump at 11:15 this morning and roll down a ten foot embankment.  The engine did not leave the track.

Practically every passenger on the train was injured, six quite badly but none seriously. 

Conductor Gratto walked a mile to the Troy mine where he telephoned to Eveleth for assistance and at noon a special train bearing Doctors E. M. Gans, L. E. Daugherty and T. P. Raney went to the scene of the wreck. The injured passengers were brought here at 1 o'clock some being taken to the Moore hospital.

Among the injured were Mayor O. H. Haelinke of Sparta, who was cut and bruised about the head; Supt. A. J. Sullivan, of the Genoa mine, who was slightly injured, as was his wife; A. M. Gudell, brakeman, of Proctor; W. H. Mahoney, express messenger; H. H. Harvey, Eveleth; Otto Nelson, E. J. Mason, Duluth traveling man; Joe Siegel, Joe Kral, Max Perish, Key Perish, Mrs. E. Trenholm of Sparta, all of whom were slightly injured.

The wreckage crew cleared the track this afternoon and the wreckage will all be removed by tomorrow.

Duluth News-Tribune, Duluth, MN 1 Jan 1909