Rices Point, MN Saloon Fire, Jan 1886

The Rice's Point Fire.

At about 8 o'clock yesterday the fire bell rang for the first time in over a month, and the rush of firemen for Rice's Point soon disclosed the locality of the blaze. On arrival there, flames were found bursting from the roof of Cullen & Hathaway's saloon. They had their origin in a defective chimney and broke out while Cullen was at breakfast. Hathaway was sound asleep upstairs, having come home late from the Pythian festivities of the previous evening, and when the alarm was given he had barely time to throw on his clothes and an overcoat and jump out the front window. About $800 worth of clothing belonging to the partners was destroyed. The morning was the coldest of the season, the mercury standing at thirty below, and the firemen worked with difficulty. Despite their utmost endeavors the saloon building adjacent on the west occupied by O. B. Champagne, caught fire and was badly damaged, although not so much as the Cullen place. The Champagne building is built of crib work like an elevator, and this account the fire was harder to subdue. Cullen & Hathaway lost the greater part of a large stock of liquors. Champagne also lost part of his stock. Mr. Hathaway said last evening that he and Cullen were not to be scared out by one little blaze, but that they had rented the west room in the West End hotel block, of Dr. Walbank, and would be ready to open out again this (Saturday) morning. This is the regular Duluth way of doing business----even in the line of liquid refreshments.

Both buildings were ostensibly owned by an old Frenchman living at the Point, named Salvaille, (pronounced and sometimes spelled "Salvoy,") but the one used by Champagne is mortgaged to a St. Paulits named Felix Carol, and the insurance was in his favor. The total loss may reach $2,500.

The Duluth Tribune, Duluth, MN 29 Jan 1886