Pickering Hill, MN Train Wrecked, Dec 1887



Duluth, Minn., Dec. 20 -- The St. Paul & Duluth limited train from St. Paul, due here at 7:50 o'clock last evening ran into an open switch at Pickering Hill, about forty miles from here, and the locomotive, baggage and smoking cars, and one first class coach went down an embankment of thirty feet. The last car on the train stayed on the track.
WILLIAM THOMPSON, the engineer, was killed, the eccentric rod of the engine running through his body and disemboweling him. He lived ten minutes.
MIKE LYNCH, fireman, had his left hip fractured.
R. A. GRAY of Duluth was hurt about the head and hand.
S. A. LUNDBERG, Duluth, was hurt about the head and groin.
G. M. KERR, Titusville, Pa., had his head cut, arm hurt and was injured about the chest.
H. B. GOETCHER, TItusville, Penn., was injured in the back and legs.
A. G. CATTELL, of the New York Produce Exchange had his nose broken, left side hurt and was injured internally.
One woman was wedged in the seats and had to be cut out, but was only slightly injured.
G. M. PELAY, St. Paul, was bruised about the knee, and several others were slightly injured.
Dr. S. W. Ingraham, physician of the Newsboys'
Home, Chicago, was on the train and took charge of the wounded. He was slightly bruised. The second car took fire from a lamp, but the flames were soon extinguished.
This was to have been Engineer THOMAS' last trip, as he had accumulated a little fortune of $50,000 to retire upon.

Daily Chronicle Marshall Michigan 1887-12-20