Minneapolis, MN Wall Collapse, Dec 1904


Tons of Brick and Mortar Crash Through Minneapolis Hotel.

Sleeping People Are Caught.

Ruins of Building Topple Over in a Gale Upon a Three-Story Structure.

The side wall of the O. H. PECK Building in Fifth street, south, Minneapolis, which was left standing by the great fire of last week, toppled over in a gale early Tuesday onto the Crocker hotel, a three-story structure adjoining. The tons of brick and mortar crashed completely down through the flimsily-constructed building, carrying floors and all into a mass of debris in the basement. The 14 persons who were sleeping in the various apartments were caught in the crushed structure. Eight of them were killed:
The dead:
HANS ANDERSON, employed at Ronner's livery.
JAMES HAMILTON, employed at Ronner's livery.
C. M. KENYON, foreman of Daniels's linseed oil mill.
WILLIAM LILLYBLADE, employed in Daniels's linseed oil mill.
WILLIAM BRAY, contractor.
JOSEPH VIOLET, coachman.
The injured:
MRS. CARRIE BOYCE, cut about face and bruised.
W. J. CROCKER, badly bruised and suffering from exposure.
MRS. JENNIE MURPHY, chest injured.
MRS. EVELYN WILLIAMS, face cut and badly bruised.
MRS. ANNA McNEVINS, face cut and badly bruised.
Some of those injured were in the Belmont Hotel adjoining the Crocker and were hurt by the debris that was forced through the wall separating the buildings.
A passerby, who heard the crash, turned in a fire alarm and the department arrived in time to check an incipient blaze. The firemen and policemen at once turned their attention to rescuing those still alive and recovering the dead.

The Indiana Democrat Pennsylvania 1904-12-28