Rush City, MN Flooding Rains, June 1880


Rush City, Minn. -- On the evening of June 10, the most terrific rain storm visited this vicinity that has been witnessed for years. About 4 P.M., it commenced and rained steadily without cessation until after midnight, amidst a most terrible electrical display. The small creeks, which were already full to the overflowing, were speedily made into rivers, and the marshes into lakes. All the wagon bridges across Rush Creek are gone, and valleys, fields and meadow lands are completely inundated. The damage by reason of the overflow of the creek will reach several thousand dollars. Wheat fields in many instances are covered and the crop will be almost entirely ruined. Other damage is reported, trains were delayed, bridges were swept away. The St. Croix River was higher than ever before known, and all crossing was suspended at the ferry. Where it is usually only a few rods wide, it was nearly a mile wide, covering the entire valley. The Rush Creek, which is usually 12 to 15 feet wide, is now 50 rods to half a mile wide covering the valley six feet, and deeper upon the meadows and fields.

Sioux County Herald Orange City Iowa 1880-06-24