Sycamore, MN Train Wreck, Dec 1887

The Wreck at Sycamore.

ST. PAUL, Dec. 23.--Assistant General Superintendent Russell, of the Minnesota & Northwestern railroad, who went out on a special from Chicago, telegraphs the general office here that there was quite a number of persons injured in the accident near Sycamore, but none of them fatally or even seriously. Those who did receive injuries were in the second class coach and were bruised or cut mostly by broken glass. The passengers in the first class coaches and sleepers were uninjured. The sleepers did not leave the track. It is not known exactly how many persons were injured, but estimate places it about twenty-five. The names of the injured are also unknown. Of those known to be on the train were George Wood, wife and child, of Winnipeg, and Dr. G. F. Andrews, of St. Paul. The latest report from the wreck says that the passengers have all been taken to Chicago except one woman, who was left at a farm house.

Duluth Daily News, Duluth, MN 24 Dec 1887