Detroit, MI Street Car Accident, Aug 1908


L. T. Burnham, Is Reported in a Critical Condition.

(By Associated Press.)

Detroit, Mich., 3.---L. T. Burnham, a well known architect of Chicago, who was badly injured here last night by being thrown from a Fourteenth avenue car, was reported today at Grace hospital ns[sic] still in critical condition.


Chicago, Ill., Aug. 3.---L. T. Burnham, the civil engineer who was seriously injured at Detroit last night, has constructed some of the tallest buildings in the country, notably the Wanamaker building in Philadelphia and the Hibernian bank building in New Orleans. His home is at Waltham, Mass. He is a brother of D. H. Burnham, the Chicago architect, who designed the Chicago World's fair buildings.

The Daily Northwestern, Oshkosh, WI 3 Aug 1908


looking for article

where do I find proof of my grandfather's twin sister who was supposedly killed at age 7 by a streetcar in Detroit? Time frame would be 1905-1907...Detroit or maybe even Wisconsin.