Detroit, MI Steamer Unique Explosion, May 1895


Detroit, Mich., May 14 --An accident on the new river steamer Unique in Lake St. Clair last evening caused the death of two men, while a third was perhaps fatally injured. The Unique was bound for Port Huron. When about nine miles from Belle Isle an explosion occurred in the boiler-room, one of the flues bursting. GEO. ROBINSON of this city, engineer of the boat, was sitting on the port rail and thrown over board. Life preservers were cast to him, but as the boat was going at full speed they did not come within his reach, and he was drowned.

ANTHONY CASE, a coal passer, was killed outright in the boiler-room.

Near him was JOHN PLANT, a fireman, who was taken from the firehold frightfully burned. There were about 40 passengers on the boat and a rush was made for life preservers as soon as the accident occured, but order was quickly restored, and this morning the Unique was towed to this city.

The Herald And Torch Light, Hagerstown, MD 10 May 1895


Name of coal passer was

Name of coal passer was Andrew Case not Anthony - he is buried in Woodmere Cemetery Detroit - his burial records indicate he was scalded to death on the Steamer Unique