Calumet, MI Train Off Bridge, Sept 1852


As the freight train of the Michigan Southern Railroad was passing over the Calumet Bridge, on the 31st inst., the axle of one of the freight cars broke, and the car was thrown off the bridge, carrying with it three other cars – one filled with emigrant passengers. They fell, bottom up, and were almost entirely demolished. It was supposed, at the time, that the passengers were nearly all killed, but upon clearing away the ruins, and getting them out, it was found that the most serious injury was a broken foot and ankle of one man. The leg of the injured man was amputated. The sufferers were placed under the care of competent persons at the expense of the R.R. Company, who also promptly settled all damages. It is remarkable that the accident was not more disastrous in its results.

The Quincy Daily Whig Illinois 1852-09-08