Kalkaska, MI Fire, Jul 1908

Kalkaska, MI Fire, Jul 1908, photo from familyoldphotos.com Kalkaska, Michigan, Fire 1908 Kalkaska, Michigan, Fire 1908

On July 5, 1908, a fire began in the middle of the business block and burned most of the stores. Local photographer E. L. Beebe made a number of photographs of the fire, and the resulting postcards were widely sold, and can still be found today.

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Lost Property from the fire: J. Axe, E. H. Barnard, V. Brant, J. L. Boyd, Boyd & Stewart, Cole Brothers, A. B. Cornell, E. M. Colson, F. E. Darby, Will DePuy, E. L. & P. Co., James Greacen, Irene L. Getty, L. Glazier, James Harriot, C. Harroun, Hill & Albert, Hobbs & Racquet Co., Edward Holderman, L. R. Hughes, P. J. Larson, M. L . Lehner, J. McCormac, Miller & Boyd, O. E. S., C. Miles, A. E. Palmer, P. W. Pearsal, J. E. Rainbow, H. E. Stover, Mrs. Schofeld, G. E. Smith, J. N. Tinklepaugh, W. A. Walker.