Saginaw, MI Two Car Crash Kills Seven, Jan 1960


Saginaw, Mich. (AP) - An automobile collision killed five women and two men early Sunday on U.S. Highway 10 near Saginaw.
A car occupied by the women, including two grade school teachers, collided broadside with the men's car which apparently swerved at high speed into the opposite lane. There were no survivors.
Deputy Sheriff Dewayne Bullard said "I've seen cars smashed up like this after they were hit by trains, but I've never seen cars in an auto collision smashed like these were."
The collision occurred about 3 a.m. on a curving section of the two-lane highway seven miles north of here. Deputy sheriffs said it is not a sharp curve and the pavement was dry.
The men's car was telescoped into twisted metal. The woman's car was spun back 82 feet.
Officers said the only witness was another motorist who took to the ditch to avoid piling into the wreckage.
The women killed were MISS CAROL PURVES, 23, Midland, Mich., who was driving; MISS JOYCE ROHLFS, 25, Akron, Mich.; MISS GLADYS DAVIS, 24, Ithaca, Mich.; MISS SUE ROBERSON, 24, Ithaca, Mich.; and MISS JANET LOU ANDERSON, 24, Midland.
Killed in the other car were HARTLEY MacALARY, 28, the driver; and JOHN NEUENBELDT, 24, both of Freeland, Mich.
NEUENFELDT was the father of three children and his wife is expecting another child. Officers said both NEUENFELDT and MacALARY were unemployed.
MISS ROBERSON and MISS ROHLFS were teachers in the public schools at Midland. MISS PURVES and MISS ANDERSON were office employees at the Dow Chemical Co. in Midland.
Deputies quoted Howard Schaeffer of Shields, a Saginaw suburb, the motorist who witnessed the accident, as saying he saw a flash as he was driving behind one of the cars and heard the crash of colliding metal. The cars did not catch fire.
Saginaw County sheriff's office withheld the names of the victims for eight hours while deputies notified relatives.

Florence Morning News South Carolina 1960-01-04